Ship shapes

FOLK ART! These mixed media pieces use objects worn smooth by the tide and washed up on the shores of St. Martins. Size: 13” square including white frame.


BIRD boxeS

FOLK ART! Inspired by the birds in St. Martins, these mixed media pieces are created in the same way as our “ship shapes”. Size: 13” square including white frame.

Seascape 23.jpg


The dramatic seascapes and unique caves of St. Martins are captured in acrylic on canvas. Various sizes from 12” x 12” up to 80” x 30”, all with white frame.

Like our ice cream, our art is take-out: Please note that we do not provide shipping services. We will happily bubblewrap art for you to take with you.



Shells, driftwood and other beach materials come together to create mythical figures.